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PJ Team is founded at 1995 as a family company. Cornerstones in our business are coaching consulting, mentoring, coaching, board management and by offering different kind of solutions for the companies and individuals. Also the books would be partly our products in a future.

Our actions are based on strong networks and our partners are among the best on their businesses. Our strategy and goal is to find best partners for our customers around our own network.

In coaching and mentoring our strengts are based on long leadership careers and the quality certificates around this areas. We’ll use the best tools in order to get best results.

Our primary customer is an individual whose ultimate goal is to develop as a better individual through the better selfunderstanding. Any company is developed by their individual employees and the well teached and qualified individuals are the guarantee for the growth of the company.

We are also the specialists in planning, organizing, marketing and communication around the sport and entertainment business.

Our wide international network will make it possible to market and sell different solutions, services and products around the globe.